W. CORBIN HOWARD, Attorney at Law
Personal Information
W. Corbin Howard
US Bank Building, 303 North Broadway, Suite 705
Billings, Montana 59101
Corbin met Joyce Davis, his wife of 25
Brothers and Sisters. She was applying for
the position of Executive Director (she got
the job).

Corbin and Joyce have three children.

Corbin and Joyce survived a plane crash in
the Big Horn Mountains 20 years ago.
Their youngest child had not been born yet
and their older children were 2 and 4 years
old. The near death experience was
powerful and emphasized for both how
precious life is.
Corbin helped look after his mom and dad, Uncle Cliff,
Aunt Ruth and Aunt Mildred during the last stages of their
lives. At one point, all five were in St. Johns Lutheran
Home at the same time. He had a lot of help from his wife
Joyce and his long time secretary Robyn, as well as the
caring staff at St. Johns, Dr. Steve Gerstner and Dr.
Patricia Coon among others. It was a singularly powerful,
moving time.
Corbin and Dr. Warren Bowman formed Friends of Granite Peak several
favorite approach to climbing Montana's highest peak (the North Face is
on this high alpine plateau.